Saturday, 23 September 2017

Any ideas?

Hi guys

Firstly, thanks for all your lovely and encouraging messages on my last post. I really appreciated you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and wishes.

Just to clarify, the marble and wood effects were total acts of God - all more luck, than judgement! I haven't done either of them before so hopefully I'll remember what I did, for next time. Also, this is meant to be one wing of a country house, you have to imagine the rest of it connected on - good job we all have good imaginations.

I'm now at another mini crossroads. I had thought I was certain with the scheme for the smaller "gallery" style room to the right of the drawing room but now I'm not so sure! WHY WHY WHY!?!

My initial idea was to create an Italianate interior, with a heavy cornice with a dark wood finish and green Palm fabric walls from Susan Bembridge (a bit like the dining room at Alnwick Castle (Google the images for an idea)). Now, however, I am erring more towards a lighter room. Still with the same cornice (which is in the picture below) but in pale creams with a slightly dusty blue paint dragged down the walls.

Yes, I know it looks terrible but this is a "warts and all" type of post 😉

The door will be tidied up!

The above pictures show the room as it is now. The cornice is not finished of course, there needs to be a finer piece of dental cornice put around the inside to finish it off, and I need to put in corner brackets underneath to finish the angle off. I made this up from left over pieces I had constructed as the front edge of balconies in a theatre project I made (there will be pics in a previous post, or search under the Theatre label). I like the way they curve underneath and add interest at the top of the wall, also helping to visually lower the ceiling. The unsightly missing chunks are roughly where the hidden spot lights will go but I can't do these until I have the cornice to "hide" them in.

If I had to choose right now I would go with the blue and cream as I think it will compliment the drawing room colour and some paper I have for the hallway beyond in a pale peach - not to mention the fact that it's the current option in my head! I've added a picture here with a pot of the blue colour and then another with a sample of the fabric held in place, you'll have to imagine the cornice painted to match the doors.

You get some idea of how it will look next to the drawing room.

Please let me know what you think about the two options - I like them both and just don't know which to go for!

Thanks as always,